The Pocket Friendly Fashion

fashion-on-budget Economic recession can not affect the normal flow of seasons. So spring is here with all in color and splendor. But the fact is that recession does affect us. You are truly in a troubled state. You went to add some variety in your wardrobe but you are afraid of the present economic state. So here are some pocket friendly fashion tips for spring 2009:

Make worthy investment on fashion:

Choose the dresses which you can wear all through the year. Go for some classic and luxurious cuts with fine fabrics. For example, a slim fit blazer would be trendy and worthy.

Super trendy fashion:

Go for some high fashionable dresses that would last at least for two years. You can peep into the fashion forward shops like Forever 21 and H&M for hottest and latest designing trends. Choose the high trendy items like jumpsuit, headbands and harem pants.

Accessorize your wardrobe:

Instead of buying a lot of new clothes buy some new accessories that you can wear with your old dresses. Trendy accessories can make your last year’s dresses contemporary and fashionable. Big bold baubles, statement-making necklaces, shoes, floral pieces and anything snakeskin are high demanding accessories of this season. Celebrate the color of the spring through the bright and bold purses.

Look before you buy:

Before stepping into the market have a look at your wardrobe. Probably there are some old clothes which were out-of-fashion last year but it is an in thing for this season. Look for some bold, bright as well as nude and funky pink ones, because these are the trendiest colors of the season. If you have these types of robes carry them to your tailor for a perfect fit.

Hope these tips must make you trendy and contemporary in your budget.