The Perfect Summer Wedding Attire- Outift Options for Women Guests

Summer is here and most couples plan their weddings during this warm and romantic season. You are most likely going to get an invite to a few weddings this season so step into your closet and figure out your outfits before it is too late. If you need some help then I have a few tips that will help you out. Remember you need to coordinate your outfits keeping the ceremony and reception venue in mind.

If you are attending a wedding that is on a lawn or a garden then wearing floral prints will be a disaster as you will blend in with the backdrop. For this occasion you need an outfit in a monotone color. Wear a bold color dress but avoid a maxi dress as it will not suit the occasion. Wear bold accessories if you are not very happy about wearing a single tone dress. A pair of peep toe shoes and a matching clutch will complete your look.

Beach weddings are very popular at this time of the year and you may get a few invites to the beach too. Avoid wearing high heels to the beach as you will slip as your heels get buried in the sand. Plan your outfit keeping in mind that you will either be wearing a pair of ballerina flats or platform heels. Maxi dresses are very trendy and can be worn on the beach. You can wear floral prints to the beach too as it will be very appealing.

For a traditional wedding that may be conducted at a church or any other place of worship you will need to wear something traditional or formal. Vintage clothes make a huge style statement in this case. Remember to dress modestly to these events. If you are unsure about an outfit then wear a little black dress with a pair of high heel sandals in silver or any other metallic tone.

Theme weddings are another huge trend and most brides plan weddings in castle like their favorite celebrities. If you are invited to a wedding at the castle then wearing a ballroom styled gown is the most appropriate option. Don’t accessorize too much and wear a gown in tan for maximum appeal.

The last and most important fact to remember is that wearing white or off white is absolutely off limits when you are attending a wedding as a guest. It’s the bride’s day to wear white so let her enjoy her day.