The Perfect Nursing Bra

6 While your pregnancy is still on, it makes sense to begin planning for the nursing, buying stuff for your baby and arranging for after care. And since, you want to breast feed your baby, you need to make a few changes in your lingerie lines and add a nursing bra or too to it. What’s most important at the time of buying a nursing bra is to find one that fits properly, to make breastfeeding comfortable, both for you and your baby.

The correct fit

First, you need to take one measurement across your chest area exactly under the armpits and then take a second measurement of the ribcage right below the breasts. The higher of the two is your band size, in case it is an odd number round it up to the next even number. Next to measure your cup size, measure your breast where they are the fullest and subtract the band size from this measurement and you have the cup size.

Even though you may have the correct measurements, you may finding that certain bras do not fit well on you, simply because every style has a different fit. And since every woman’s figure is unique in itself, the task becomes even more difficult. Nevertheless you can take advice from an experienced bra fitter, usually found at the lingerie stores, and he’ll do the needful. What’s more, you have to leave in some room to accommodate the growth of the breasts as they become full with milk.

The last note

When hunting for a nursing bra, it’s better to avoid the under-wire bras all together, since under-wires exert pressure on the milk glands which can cause the ducts to get plugged.

It is important to keep quality as your priority, even though the branded nursing bras may cost you a little more, because the last thing ever a nursing mother would want is an ill fitting nursing bra or one made in cheap toxic fabric.

Sidharth Thakur