The Perfect Little Black Dress for Your Body Shape

It is a universal fact that every woman needs to have a little black dress (LBD) in her closet. This is one article of clothing that a woman cannot do without. This is a dress that can be teamed with different fashion accessories and can make you look stunning.

You can change the look of the dress by making a few adjustments or by adding different embellishments to the dress. The key to looking fabulous in these dresses is to find one that accentuates your body and one that fits you according to your body shape.

If you are a bottom heavy figure then you need to have a dress that is flair over the lower part of your body. This means that the top of the dress can be figure hugging however the skirt needs to be skim over your waist and thighs. Look for a halter top or something that accentuates your cleavage; this will draw attention to the top half of the body rather than the lower body.

If your arms are flabby then you can wear an LBD with a square neckline and wear a long sleeved pull over or tunic. The long sleeves add to your sex appeal while the square neckline will accentuate your curves.

Petite women can wear just about any dress that they desire. However one thing to avoid is the puffy sleeves and frilly look. This will make you look too girly and may look clichéd.

Plus sized women have a lot to gain by investing in an LBD. This is one color that flatters plus sized women and thus they need to find the right fit for this outfit. Invest in a knit ruffle dress; one where you can show off some skin on the legs and the arms. The dress should look and feel comfortable.

If you are not very happy about your legs then you must avoid hiding in a pair of pants all the time. You can wear a dress that covers your legs. This doesn’t mean you wear a gown either. Invest in a dress that is a few inches below your knees.

Remember, no matter what type of a body shape you sport you will find a dress that helps you to accentuate your curves and hide your flaws. The key is to spend time looking for the right outfit to help you put your best foot forward.