The Perfect Attire

The choice of clothing has a lot to do with the physical structure of the wearer. To look classy you need to pay some attention to what dressing styles and what cut of clothes look best on your stature. Let’s have a look at whether floral prints or vertical stripes or single solid shades are what you should be wearing based on your body structure.

For people with a curvilinear or a rounded body structure tailor made dresses are the best thing to wear, because they fit you so snugly and try to hold those ugly lumps of fat in place. Also made to order clothing will make you look taller by creating a visual effect of longer legs. On the other hand, loose baggy clothing will make you look broader in shade and shorter in height.

When buying trousers and jeans, the boot-cut shape makes for the wisest choice for this body structure. As for the fabric, thinner and delicate fabric with a soft fall balances the equation, creating an illusion of a slimmer physique. A wide contrasting belt can help in making the waist look slimmer.

To enjoy the freedom of wearing any kind of clothing, one needs to be blessed with a tall and slim figure. If you’ve got that kind of stature, you can flaunt your lean figure with skinny dresses. However if you have a problem area like a longer neck or longer torso then you can make your body look more proportionate by making some adjustments to your dressing. Use horizontal stripes to make your torso seem a bit shorter, and dresses with high collars are an antidote for longer necks.

For a shorter frame buying readymade garments may not be a very satisfying experience because most of the readymade stuff comes in longer lengths and would require a lot of alteration to get the perfect fit. So it is more sensible to go in for some tailor made dresses which can give you a taller appearance. Loose fitting dresses will make you look shorter, so buy dresses only when you are completely satisfied with the fitting. Go in for dresses which have slim collars and short sleeves. Using vertical stripes will make you seem taller and slimmer. And finally, you must have a few pairs of heeled footwear, to add a few inches to your height whenever desired.

Sidharth Thakur