The New Wedge Haircut

Layered and bowl haircuts are close cousins of the layered hairstyles while the wedge hairstyle goes a bit out of the way to look adventurous and naughty. This hairstyle suits varied personalities as well and the texture of the hair in such hairstyles also looks good.

This hairstyle first came into vogue in the early seventies and got evolved gradually with a lot of development in the hair cutting techniques. This hairstyle also resembles the bob hairstyles but it is more angled. This haircut suits most of the hair textures and is particularly suited to thick hair texture.

The haircut seems to be a bit more angled and styling is needed daily to keep the hair in good shape in case you plan to get a wedge haircut. People with a natural and wavy hair can also go for this hair cut.

There are however, a lot of disadvantages of this type of hair cut. This hair cut is by no means a low maintenance one. You must devote some amount of time every day, to maintain this haircut. Hair gel can help to keep the hair in place if applied to damp hair.

While you depend on the texture of the hair, you also need some important tools to keep the hair in place. You need the ceramic flat iron and also that way you can make the hair look a bit more unkempt and get a relaxed hairstyle look.

This type of wedge haircut looks very polished and clean when they are styled properly and you can conform to some specific styles to create a confident look. You can also ponytail wedgy hair with a few bangs to create the look.

There could be bangs that are side swept or with a straight cut that is the most appropriate thing to go with such a hair cut. The new wedge hair cut can create a look of glamour added to a dash of sexiness that plays up quite an attitude in you.

The hair looks as if it has a volume and so while you plan to have a wedge haircut on you, look into all these attributes to decide which wedge haircut style work for you. As a working woman or a happy teenager you should be able to imbibe the look well on you and be ready to face the world.