The Need Of Skin Toner

The Need Of Skin Toner

The Need Of Skin Toner Many women do not like to use the toners, since they do not know what it is meant for. It doesn’t clean the skin. You are using a cleanser; why again a toner? It doesn’t even remove the lotions used on the face. You remove them by washing your face.

A toner is usually applied on your face directly after your cleansing routine but before your moisturizing routine. It is to remove leftover dirt, oil and residue that cleansing did not get rid of completely. There are different types of toner for the different skin types. Oily skins require astringents while dry skins opt for fresheners or balancers. A toner contains quite a bit of alcohol and other ingredients that dry up the skin.

Why Then, A Toner?

A toner brings back the pH balance of the skin. Remember water, depending on the kind of water you use, has a pH balance of as much as 9.5 while the skin has only 5.5. When you use water to wash the skin, its pH balance gets wholly distorted and the skin has to work in order to bring back its pH level, which may take as much as 40 minutes to get back its original quality.

The Quality Of The Toner

Some toners are known to completely clean dirt and remove dead cells on the skin, but they may have alcoholic content which can dry up the skin. If you have oily skin, you should use an alcohol based toner so that the oiliness is got rid of, but it might result in breakouts. Stronger toner is known to result in making the skin produce more oil, so that the dryness is removed, but this leads to breakouts.

Therefore, you should use a toner which doesn’t contain alcohol. Different types of skins require different type of toners. Therefore, you should try to experiment which product will be suitable for your skin. A gentle toner is good for normal skin, which moisturizes the skin but doesn’t exfoliate it. Otherwise, opt for a toner having anti-wrinkling qualities.

Natural Toner

Rosewater is the best natural, gentle skin toner. You can splash Rosewater on your face to keep it fresh and balance pH level of the skin, but this will not suit oily type of skin.

Applying A Skin Toner

Use the toner directly on the face, since toners need not require swabs or cotton wool for application. Toners which moisturize the face need to be merely splashed on the face. Sometimes when you feel the skin is dirty, you will be tempted to scrub the face with it, but this is not good and precisely for this reason toners are used after cleaning the face.

Toner is not a cleanser. It is not true that toners close your skin pores; toner is not necessary for skin care. Use it if you like the feel of it on your skin but you are not depriving your skin of anything beneficial if you don’t.