The Multiple Benefits of Organic Argan Oil

In the arid desert environment of Morocco grows a thorny tree which goes by the scientific name of Argania Spinosa. The Argania Spinosa or argan tree to the layman was literally a gold mine waiting to be discovered.

The seed of this gnarled desert tree produces the multipurpose and rare argan oil. Today this versatile oil is used in the medical, cosmetic and culinary industry.

The extraction of this oil is a multi-step process. The kernel of the argan tree is first dried and then their outer covering is removed. Next the kernels are roasted completely. Water is then added and the kernels are ground to form a thick gooey paste.

The paste is pressed by hand to extract the oil. This labor intensive procedure yields about a liter of precious argan oil which has a shelf life of about 6 months.

Traditionally it is women who participate in the production of argan oil. A few drops of the non greasy argan oil if massaged regularly into the scalp can help in promoting hair growth.  Argan oil keeps  hair moisturized and helps in preventing the formation of unsightly split ends.

Argan oil gives hair a natural shine and acts as an invisible barrier, protecting it from pollution and sun damage. The nutrient rich argan oil prevents the formation of dandruff.

The Vitamin E rich argan oil is an excellent natural skin care product. Argan oil can provide succor to dry and scaly skin. By reducing the oiliness of the skin, argan oil also helps in preventing the formation of acne.

Wrinkles, scars, blemishes and burn marks are visibly reduced after the application of this oil. Regular application of argan oil on stretch marks helps to reduce their occurrence.  Today many make-up products can cause the skin to become dry. Argan oil helps in restoring the skins natural glow by lubricating the skin.

The addition of a small quantity of argan oil as part of our daily diet will help to keep cholesterol levels in check. The antioxidant rich argan oil fights free radicals and keeps diseases at bay. People suffering from joint inflammation and pain can benefit from the anti- inflammatory properties of this wonder oil.

Always ensure that you buy organic argan oil to glean the maximum health benefits.