The Modern Approach To Parenting

With both parents working in most cases, and with the changed societal and family norms, we have been encouraged to have another look at the existing family set up and the age old parenting rules.

Let’s have a look at how our parenting roles need to be modified so as to keep up with the increasing and all pervasive insecurity and vulnerability that we and our children are subject to.

The modified approach to parenting suggests building in your child a sense of strength, security and faith to help them grow up into more balanced and more successful adults.

It’s nice to see, that slowly and gradually most parents now have their families on the top of their priorities and thus are willing to say a straight forward “no” to overtime. Earlier, the role of fathers was confined to providing finances and disciplining the child, but the newer breed is far more caring and participating when it comes to family life and children.

The basic philosophy of rearing children has drifted from making competitive children to compassionate children. A good number of parents have now taken to being kind and respectful towards their children so as to imbibe in them better understanding, compassion, concern and a willingness to help others. And well that’s what is needed, when terrorism and violence is slowly gripping the society.

Today’s parents are far more concerned about their family’s health as compared to their older counterparts. Parents have become more aware about the importance of healthy diet, and make all efforts to control and better manage their children’s food habits. The emphasis is on eating healthy and avoiding junk, and their spirit is so strong that in many places they have even managed to get the junk food vending machines to be removed from the school premises.

Their health concern doesn’t end at food, because most parents are now planning up exercise programs where the whole family can get together and exercise to remain healthy. Also parents have begun to restrict the use of medication for their children, and love to cross check about any possible side effects of any medication before administering it to their children.

With the amount of efforts that most parents are making in bringing up their children, the bonding between the children and the parent is becoming stronger, while of course we’re looking forward to a better human race.

Sidharth Thakur