The Little Black Dress and Tips on How to choose it

The Little Black Dress is one dress which is a must in a woman’s wardrobe. This dress is meant for evenings and cocktail parties and is characterized by a simple yet stylish cut and is quite short.

This dress is considered to complete a woman’s wardrobe as per an unspoken rule in the fashion circles and has been a rage from the longest time now. Here are some tips on how to choose the right Little Black Dress for you:

Think of your body type and then identify your assets. Will your back look good when revealed in the dress? Do you want a lower neck line or do you think your shoulders being exposed will make the dress look better on you?

Once you have decided on the body type and having decided on the type of dress you will be looking for, is when you must choose a dress that is well constructed in a wool fabric with light wool or silk crepe with a good lining.

One of the thumb rules of choosing a Little Black Dress is that you must follow a 3:1 ratio in making your choice. The dress should be three parts conservative and one part downright innovative and racy.

The dress which is plain except for one striking feature will change you into a charming and bold enchantress. The one feature could be a daring neckline or a deep slit at the back or in the front. It could be straps on the back or a deep bare back.

Once you have chosen the dress is when you can choose the accessories to go with it. A choker with a large pendant is considered the best in case you have long lush hair.

You can also go for fishnet stockings or a bold bracelet or an amulet worn above the elbow. You can also have a brooch pinned on the dress if it helps to enhance the looks.

When you have donned the Little Black Dress, choose the bag type that goes best with it and ensure that the bag is small. A small clutch is the perfect item to carry.