The latest trends in makeup this spring!

With Valentine’s Day just gone past and with the air of romance still hanging heavy , you would like to be up and going with the fashion and beauty statement just to stun him and fascinate him with your make up” and hairstyles. So here are some tips that you can quickly make use of while the D-Day draws near. And moreover every day is a Valentine’s day for the lovers. So why not stay tuned with the make up and beauty schedule always and forever.

The way to look beautiful is by having healthy skin which breathes life. The skin should have a well cared for look.

For that you have to undergo the daily ritual of cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin. Start with cleaning the face every morning and every night. You should not forget to moisturize the eyes. You have to moisturize the hands and face with a lotion. You can use some mask once a week. You can also use some serum which is appropriate for the skin.

There you are… ready with a fresh dewy skin and now for some make up. You are to have healthy, dewy skin and a luminous effect. You should work on the dark circles and blend the foundation thoroughly so that it looks natural.

You can well try out the colors like chocolates, coffees and the cappuccino colors this season. That should give you a seductive look. You can also go in for the smokey make up for the eyes. For that the interior of the eyelid should be marked with a dark pencil in the lower and the upper eyelids. You can also draw a thin line on the upper eyelids and thicken it gradually. The pencil color on the eyes can be blended with a brown shadow. The lower lids can also be blended with a fine brush in a gentle manner. A shiny cream with some golden hue can be applied to the upper eyelid. Lastly, you can add to the lashes with a bit of intensity. For that you may add two mascara layers.

The faint blush can be applied to the cheeks in rose tones. You can apply the foundation and then apply the blush with a brush gently. You can use some translucent powder and then some powder blush if you need to. You can blend the blush with a soft sponge or with your fingertips.

You are ready for that blind date this spring evening!

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