The Keys to Good Parenting

Good parenting is about cultivating the right attitude and behavior in your child, and it can never be effective unless and until you as a parent exhibit the same right kind of attitude and behavior. Good parenting means nurturing and loving your child to achieve desirable results from your child’s end, and that calls for a very fine-tuned approach in bringing up your children.

The character of a child builds up with the stimulus he receives from his surroundings, so as a parent you need to be watchful, because your child will on most occasions emulate your behavior and your attitude. Children always watch their parents and learn to act and react to situations and circumstances in the same manner.

So, when you’re thinking along the lines of positively modulating your child’s behavior, you need to check on and improvise your actions and attitude in the first place. It may be painful to accept, but the fact remains that the child character is shaped after the character of the parents, so it is the parent who is to be blamed in most situations where children exhibit bad behavior.

If you find that some of your child’s behavior is unacceptable to you, don’t ever show a loud reaction to it, rather let it go unnoticed. The more the hue and cry about something, the more likely your kid is to repeat the behavior to attract your attention. Of course you cannot let him get away with bad behavior so you have to find an alternative tips to penalize him.

For instance if the child refuses to study, let the rules be clear, that he doesn’t get to play either. That’s a positive way to discipline your child and avoid the usual whines and back talks which are associated with other forms of punishments.

If your child resorts to shouting and screaming back at you when rebuked for bad behavior, there has to be someone in the family to be blamed for this attitude of your child. Perhaps the child has learned it because you and your spouse shout at each other that way. So whatever behavior you are going to display, expect something similar from your child.

Sidharth Thakur