The Importance of Hygiene in Women

Hygiene is important and this is a well known fact. There can be many risks and ailments that can be associated with the lack of hygiene.

The mere good habit of being hygienic will help prevent a lot of complications in life.

If you are a mother, there are many reasons and occasions for you to wash your hands. You may be involved in many household activities and hence might always have some dirt and germs in the hands.

You may have changed your child’s napkins or have handled raw meat; there will be germs in the hand and it is advised that you wash your hands thoroughly. When you wash your hands, apply soap and rub them together for at least 20 seconds and ensure that the fingertips are cleaned and rinsed well.

Apart from the daily washing and oral hygiene, it is very important to maintain hygiene during periods. When you are undergoing menstruation, change the tampons or the sanitary towels after every four hours.

Wash the abdomen thoroughly to prevent any skin irritation and infection. This also helps prevent any body odor. Whenever you take a shower, remove any remaining sweat from the underarms, feet and groin region.

Wash them thoroughly with water, apply soap and then wash them with water again. Ensure that you always change into clean clothes and that all your soiled clothes are not used again. This way you will save yourself from plenty of skin related issues.

If there is poor hygiene maintained during the periods and the tampons or the sanitary napkins have not been changed, then you can have a bacterial disease that is called the Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is a rare disease and has been known to be in evidence only due to bad hygiene.

There can be many ailments that can be contracted because of poor hygiene. There can be a generation of gastrointestinal bugs in the stomach which is a direct result of unclean hands. Along with skin irritation and body odor, you will also run a higher risk of common skin related conditions like pimples and acne.

Also, remember to clean your feet. If you do not clean them properly, then you can develop fungal infections very easily.