The Importance Of Colors In Fashion

clothing-color In the fashion industry, colors have an important role to play, and if you want to make a solid fashion statement you need to understand what colors suit you and what colors you must wear. Your choice of color will decide whether you make a favorable impression or an unfavorable one, on the people you meet.

The secret language of colors

Every color has a different connotation and that makes it important for you to understand what each of the different colors stands for, and whether or not you should be wearing it for a particular occasion.

Every person has his or her favorite colors, and if you’re trying to deny that fact, just walk over to your wardrobe and you will realize that most of your clothing is confined to a specific color range. But more important than our likes and dislikes, is whether or not, the color that you choose to wear complements you, and whether it is fit to be worn for a particular occasion.

There are certain personality types which are associated with colors, for instance people who are found mostly clad in shades of blue are perceived to be cool, calm and peaceful. Softer shades of Greens and Browns also fall under the peaceful category. A complete contrast is the red color which usually connotes ego, authority, power, confidence and supremacy. So there are certain personality traits that are associated with every color, and that makes it important for you to give due consideration to your choice of color, depending upon the kind of image that you wish to portray.

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone

Apart from choosing a color to reflect your mood and your personality, you need to lay emphasis on selecting a color that blends well with your natural skin tone. Warm skin tones, olive skin tone and those with undertones of brown, look best in warm colors like dark brown, maroon, burgundy and the likes. On the other hand coal skin tones, with hints of red and pink, should always opt for cooler colors like blue, yellow, orange and pink. In case you have a pigmented or blemished skin, then you must always avoid dressing up in solid dark colors.

Sidharth Thakur