The Healing Power of Music

listening-to-music We all know that music has the power to affect our minds and our moods. Music can relax us or energize us, depending on the kind of beats it has. But one undeniable truth is that music always makes us feel good.

Over the past few decades, researchers have spent some considerable amount of time on studying how music benefits our health. And thus came into practice something called music therapy, in which music is used to calm the patients, to promote faster healing and to ease down the pain and suffering.

Another area where music therapy has proved helpful is in treating psychological problems like depression, anxiety and attention deficiency disorder.

How music does the magic

•    Music, irrespective of its type, is always capable of stimulating the brain. When you listen to music with fast beats your mind becomes more alert and sharp, while with slow music you can calm down and relax your brain.

•    Soft and soothing music has a calming effect on your nervous system, and can easily slow down our breathing and heart rate. And this whole thing is quite helpful in treating depression and anxiety.

•    Music helps to divert the mind, and is thus helpful in easing down the pain.

•    Fast beat music makes us more alert and is thus used to treat attention deficiency disorder.

How to get more music into your life

To begin your day in an energetic style, play some upbeat music, right in the morning. This kind of music will make you ready to face and handle stress with effortless ease throughout the day.

If you’re a working woman, stock up a nice collection of your favorite music CD’s in your car. And if you travel by public transport get yourself some small iPod or an MP3 player, to enjoy some music while you’re traveling.

It’s nice to listen to your favorite music while commuting, as it keeps your mind away from the maddening road rage, that’s a part of everyday city life.
You can also let some soothing music play in the background, while you’re busy with the household chores. With music playing in the background you will feel more energetic and less tired.

Sidharth Thakur