The Hair Color Guide

Hair coloring has become a custom with most women, and even with some men, whether it’s done just to hide the gray or to look stylish and trendy. And if you’re one who is contemplating on getting your hair colored, you must understand a few basic things about using hair color before you confirm your decision.

Highlighting your hair or going for an overall coloring is the first choice you need to make. When you’ve got the problem of gray hair with white strands spread all over the head, it’s better to go in for an overall coloring, but if your gray hair is in small patches then you can even opt for highlighting. Highlighting is certainly a better option, because this way only some of your hair will have to undergo the chemical torture.

If you’re just planning to use a single shade of hair color, you might as well do it at home rather than go out and spend hundreds of dollars to get your hair colored. Walking over to a professional makes sense only when you want some fine highlighting job which usually requires using two or three different shades of hair color.

Taking proper care of your colored hair is critical to keeping them in good shape and health. Some of the hair colors may make your hair dry and frizzy, so you need to ensure proper miniaturization for your colored hair. It might also help to use only those shampoos and conditioners which are specifically meant for colored hair.

As long as you’re using a hair color manufactured by some good brand, you should not face any hair damage problems except for the usual dryness. But in case your hair is already damaged, put off your hair coloring plan till your hair is back in health and ready to face some chemical treatment.

When you’re coloring your hair at home, before you rinse it off completely, just rinse off the color from a few strands of your hair to be sure that your hair has achieved the desired shade and you’re not washing it too early. The time required for your hair to absorb the color fully may not be exactly the same as mentioned in the hair color instructions.

Sidharth Thakur