The Gentle Shave

wetshave Most of us often face the problem of skin rashes and redness after a shave. However in today’s world proper grooming is very necessary so also regular shaving and one simply cannot go without it while appearing in professional and even personal gathering.

In fact in most of the “Guide to the Well Groomed Male” shaving tops the chart. However as we all know shaving is a rather tricky business. The skin on the face is particularly delicate compared to the other parts of the body and daily abrasion caused by the sharp razors may actually harm the skin causing not only bumps, rashes, but also blackening of the skin.

Often we do have very hard stubble which complicates the problem manifold. So how to prevent it? Here are some tips you can follow before and after shaving

Gentle care:

For all of us and particularly those who have hard stubble softening the stubble is very important. Dip a towel in warm water and wrap it around the chin area. The warmer the better. It will make the men beard soft in no time. Also do not forget to use mild shaving cream. Alternatively you can also use face wash or gel. They are full of lubricants and are gentle on the skin.

The Razor:

Conventional razor as we all know has sharp blades. If you use them then at least give a break of two or three days for the skin to recover after each shave. Electric shaver and trimmer are little mild and can be used in between shaves. Also move the razor in the direction of the hair and not against it. Moving against it in long run can make the hair stiff.

Regular Skin Care:

To prevent skin rashes regular gentle skin care is of utmost importance. Clean face with gentle face wash and after shave use gentle after shave lotion. You can also use Hazel astringent or alcohol to kill any bacteria and prevent infection.