The Feng Shui Crystal Remedy

The craze of using Feng-Shui for betterment of life, health and relationships has grown so strong that today there are shops and stores specially dedicated to selling Feng-Shui articles. Feng-Shui is basically an ancient Chinese practice of using certain tools to create a harmonious environment inside the house, with lots of positive energy, for happy living.

One such tool is the quartz crystal which is believed to represent the earth’s energy, and is used as a Feng-Shui remedies to improve the quality of health, love, romance and relationships.

These crystals are normally available as multi-faceted balls, which need to be placed in different parts of the house depending on what your objective is. For general improvement in relationships take a rose quartz or amethyst shade crystal and place it in the far right corner, from the front door of the room.

To boost creativity in children and enhance their future opportunities, place a completely transparent crystal or maybe one with white undertones, somewhere around the middle of the wall, that’s on the right side of the entry door. And if your life has become too hectic with too much of workload, then place it around the doorway to ease down the tension.

These crystal balls come in various sizes with their diameters ranging from 2cm to about 5cm, and obviously the price rises with the increasing diameter. Hanging them in an area where the sunlight falls on them will create a rainbow effect which is believed to bring along lots of positive energy, good health and good luck.

So you can hang them somewhere in a sunny window to get health benefits. Or if someone is ill or recovering, attach one to the headboard of the bed to promote faster recovery. To neutralize the effect of negative energy, you can also place them somewhere around the mid of a narrow passage, or place one somewhere around your front stairs.

There are lots and lots of stores with sell crystals, but it’s better to buy from a reputed store, because some of the cheap stores are even selling artificial crystals made of plastic or glass under the name of natural crystals.

Sidharth Thakur