The Fashionable World Of Wills

wills-wear Wills has stunned the world with their fashion dressing and now it has launched the summer special Club wear, classic wear, signature designer wear and lifestyle sports relaxed wear.

Classic Wear:

Wills have stuck to the traditional colors and have introduced a all new feeling in this classic wear. White collar is the base for the officers and they have relied much on the sheen of the materials with the use of superfine textures and checks. Colors like mint, aqua, beige, silver, grey have been abundantly used.

Rich Italian styling can be found in the “Luxuria” brand of Wills. Origami inspired detailing, textured appeals, matt shine effects have been introduced in the women’s wear and along with the classic black and white they have also decided to use lime and red cherry to bring in the mood of summer.

Wills Sport:

Relaxed and light spirited is the keyword behind designing the dresses. The shirts have been influenced by the American University, Ghimham Checks and monochrome Vital styles. Shorts, washed denim and non denim cargos and Bermudas etc.

For Women electric greens. Neon will be the highlight. Longer dress with short waist coats is going to be the fashion of the season to give a perfect textured look this summer.

Wills Clublife:

For men the focus has been on light materials, bright colors, striking shades and combinations. Smart fit options are available for denims, cargos and trousers etc and  the shirts have been inspired by Tuxedo styling. For women the focus has been on embellishments, stone borders, sequins with bright splashes of colors.

Wills Signature:

Created by some of the most well known fashion designers in the industry the signature style is for all those who love to live life king size. Manish Arora has come cme up with the circus styling for shirts . Shantanu and Nikhil has come up with marvel and designer seam lines. Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna has contrast detailing and printed shirts n offer. The color combination will be sober with more focus on textures and structures.