The Fashion Trends Of Fall 2009

Fashion has been evolving with new ideas and trends every year. Some trends keep coming back and some are the modified shadows of the yesteryear.

Here is an exclusively precise reflection of the fashion trends of the fall of year two thousand nine.

The thigh-high boots: The thigh-high or “over-the-knee” boots have made their presence felt with being a prerequisite accessory of fashion. Starting from the dark and futuristic “wound-and-bound” leathers to the graceful suede this style has a lot of options to it.

The Capes, Cloaks, and Capelets: The cape used to be a chief fashion staple once upon a time. In the fall of the year two thousand nine one can see a huge comeback of cape in innumerable forms with almost all fashion biggies trying to create some for their own share in the market. Starting from cropped capelets to full capes, and even long cloaks all are making their presence felt.

Leather Clothing: An old wine served in a new bottle. Indeed, the leather jacket had been one of the wardrobe staples since past some years now. However, the trend of wearing leather has extended and modified way beyond jackets. Today leather is getting shaped into numerous different clothing. Whatever type of attire is named, leather is one of the variety of textures available in the option. This fall of two thousand nine sports leather leggings, leather dresses, and even leather shorts, to name the few among numerous other leather options.

Women Dandy: The old style of female dandy is back. The dandy elements have made a huge comeback in the fashion world this fall. The bow-blouses, tailored waistcoats, jodhpurs, fobs, and the brooches al of them are back. Even the menswear are getting feminized with the dandy collection to give it a sexy as well as a masculine look with the key of the fashion being Regency styling.

See-through Clothing: Once upon a time in the summer fashion trends were towards sporting a bit revealing apparels, which were easily blamed on the heat, and as well on personal likings to show off. However in the fall the trend has turned to see-through apparels and clothing to help the wearer look cool yet keeps them looking sexy. The fall autumn two thousand nine fashion is directing towards a combination of feminine and a soft look.