The Fashion Guide For Bell Shaped Woman

bell-shaped-woman As you step into middle age, your lifestyle and your priorities drift onto a different course, and even the shapeliest of ladies can see their bodies changing in shape. And the worst case is with petite women, who have a tendency to put on weight around the thighs and the hips.

While your shoulders will stay narrow, and you may not see much of a difference in your breasts and waist, gaining weight around the bottom makes you look a big church bell. Let’s take a look at how such bell shaped women can enhance their appearance with the right clothing.

The basic rules

With this kind of a structure, your objective has to be, to lend width to your shoulders while cutting down the emphasis on the heavy bottom. Bulky jumpers and pullovers will help add more substance to the top part of the body. Apart from these you can try some funnel-shaped coats, or shirts and tops with ruffles around the neck and the shoulders.

To make your bottom look leaner, look for trousers and skirts which have fastenings on the sides. You need to be extra particular about your footwear, and wearing simple high heels won’t ever let you down.

Casual dressing

Look for pullovers in chunky knits to add volume to your top half, and look for some trousers and skirts which have a soft draping effect to visually trim down the bottom half. As for the colors, go in for brighter and peppier shades for your top wear, and some darker and subdued tones for the bottom wear.

Dressing up for a party

Look for a fitted top with cap sleeves, to highlight your shapely breasts at the same time as to add width to your shoulders. Ideally your dress or top should remain fitted even around your waist, and then flare out a little around the hips, so that your hips and thighs get hidden behind the flares. You should always choose dresses in longer lengths that run a little below the knee. And finally add some exquisite chunky necklace to keep everybody’s attention centered on the top half of your body.

Sidharth Thakur