Do’s And Don’ts While You’re Undergoing Fertility Treatment

fertility If it is a particularly trying time when you are going through fertility treatments, because aside of the sheer financial expenses you will experience a range of emotions.

Fertility treatments can build hope and expectations within you, but when you do not see quick results you may be filled with disappointment which may further lead you into depression. So, if you are undergoing some kind of fertility treatments you may need to avoid certain things or make changes to your lifestyle so as to increase your chances of conceiving.

Here are some things which may prove beneficial in increasing the odds of getting pregnant, when you’re already on some kind of fertility treatment.

Eat Healthy

Consuming a well balanced diet should be on the top of your priorities, because unless your body gets all the required nutrients in the right proportion you may not be able to have a healthy conception. A balanced and nutritive diet will also ensure that you remain in the desired weight range, because being underweight or overweight always decreases your chances of getting pregnant.

Give up the vices

Drinking alcohol and smoking when you are undergoing fertility treatment is going to make the treatment completely futile. Alcohol and nicotine have a negative impact on the hormones that are needed for a healthy conception. And as for your partner, his sperm count and sperm mobility get affected badly by these two, which will make it difficult for your egg to get fertilized.

Time it right

When you are trying to conceive, you must be particular about when you must have intercourse. To conceive you must have sex during ovulation and a few days following it. For the rest of the period you must avoid having sex too often, because frequent sex reduces a man’s sperm count.

For all the rest of the precautions and the changes that you need to make to your lifestyle, discuss with your health care provider.