The Comfy Flip-Flops Can Actually Damage Your Feet

flipflops To beat the summer heat, nothing seems more comfortable than the flips-flops.  However of late, lots of health experts and beauty therapists are talking about the damaging effects of wearing flip-flops, all the time.

When we talk about comfortable casual clothing for summers, flip-flops are a standard for all vacation and beach activities. But unfortunately, we need to look at other options for a cool casual summer look, as this kickback style can cause damage to your legs and feet.

Since, they don’t offer much of a cushion, have nearly no arch support and the grip is poor, your feet become highly susceptible to injuries and external damage. When you wear flip-flops, your muscles have to work harder and your joints are more stressed which can lead to problems later on. Also, since most of your foot remains exposed, you can suffer damage if something falls accidentally onto your feet or if your toes bump into any hard object.

Moderation is one solution

For the diehard flip-flops fans, who just cannot give up wearing their flip-flops completely, it’s better if they can at least avoid wearing them all the time. Wearing them once in a way really doesn’t pose much of a threat to your feet.  Use them only for your regular leveled walks or when you are sitting and relaxing in the sun or by the pool. For all other activities avoid wearing them.

Buy the best quality

When buying flip flops, avoid the temptation to save money, and stick to buying quality stuff only. The high end flip flops, which are definitely costlier, have an in built arch support and good cushioning to reduce the stress on your muscles and joints, while walking. Also pay attention to the shape and the material used, to safeguard your feet from accidental damage.

Consider alternatives

Some of the footwear brands have come up with newer flips-flops upgrades which offer more support and comfort, such as the currently popular strapped gladiator style.

Sidharth Thakur