The Causes And Risk Factors Of Asthma

asthma12 There is no clear justification as to why some get asthmatic while others don’t however there can be a possibility of combined causes of genetic and environmental factors.

The trigger of asthma is diverse from people to people. There are different irritants and allergens triggering different symptoms of asthma in different people:

Airborne allergens like mold, animal dander, dust mites, cockroaches, and pollen can be dangerous for some. Respiratory infections like that of a common cold can even be lethal at times, as well there are asthmatic attacks in people which can be exercise induced.

Cold air and air pollutants like smoke can also cause asthmatic attacks in some. Some are drug induced asthma, such as certain medicines including aspirin, beta blockers, and some other non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs can be major cause. At times people get asthmatic from a strong emotional shock or stress situations.

Diseases like “Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)” a state where the throat gets full with stomach acids is a cause of asthmatic attacks at times. Even menstrual cycle in some women triggers asthma. Some people are allergic to healthy foods like shellfish and peanuts which triggers asthma in them.

Risk Factors of the disease: In the recent years asthma has got into our houses like a silent killer. It has become common, disturbing millions of people children and adults alike. With each year a growing percentage of people are getting diagnosed with asthma, without any clear answer as to why.

There are a number of aspects that are held responsible for such a situation which are considered to be playing major roles in the increase in asthmatic conditions.

Factors include family history or genetic records, exposure to passive smoking, even frequent respiratory contaminations in childhood.

Sometimes a continuous introduction to farming chemicals, or hairdressing chemicals, due to occupational demands can be a root cause of asthma.

Low birth weight or being overweight can both cause asthma. At times asthma triggers from dust mites as well, which can be affecting people who are dwelling in urban areas, especially those with a lot of air pollution, even people staying in industry belts tend to get asthmatic in their future years.