The Carry-All Bags in Fashion

If you are a fashionista with an eye for vintage fashion you are in for bags that are stylish and sweet, durable and cool and trendy  at the same time.

You might have messenger bags, hobos, totes or sleek evening purses but they do not often meet your requirements

When you need extra storage space in your bag, do they? Your bag that you take regularly to office or for shopping carries all you might need in a day and the list of stuff in it is endless.

So you need a carry-all that does you the world of good in carrying what you need and just because it is more of a baggage than a bag, it’s easier to fish out things from that bag. Of course it should look stylish in every way and live up to the current trend.

The daily commuting lady would need to carry backup shoes, books, umbrellas, cosmetic pouches, cell phones and so for that big Mary Poppins bag would be just right. That bag can stash the extras too but still look good because of the quality of leather and the raw sense of style it adds to its look. The big leather tote is a top messenger bag for carrying everything that you need to.

Another bag to look out for is the wacky looking bag that carries an African exotic style that garners sticky eyeballs. There are some accessories that house the plastic bags so that the bags match the dresses and the shoes. These bags are essentially sweet and charming in a very special way.

They make a wonderful style statement, the wacky way. So is it a fact that we are in for big over-sized bags these days? These carry-all bags add to the style as well as being a useful accessory to your style statement.

So whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home-mom or the college girl who needs to carry lots everyday, the trendy Mary Poppins bag or the exotic African fashion bag is the one-in-all bag for meeting all your needs. It’s useful as well as stylish in every way.