The Botox Treatment

Beauty is ageless said the Bard but we all know it is not so. Along  with age wrinkles appear on the skin particularly on the face. Scientific researches have shown that they may start to appear from the age of 28 onwards. Scary????? It seems so. Particularly those of you who are engaged with outdoor works and have to work on field the condition is particularly problematic.

Exposure to sun, pollutants will rob the skin of its natural beauty and soon you will be horrified to see that fine lines have appeared around the eyes, necks, sides of the lips etc. Most of us have tried innumerable creams and lotions but they fail to deliver but relax there is a very useful solution available at hand.

The Botox treatment. The skin develops fine lines due to the rapid destruction of the cell binding material called collagen. They act as cement to hold the skin firmly as a result the skin tends to sag a lot. However the Botox is a special formula with collagen in it that is basically injected just beneath the skin and it spreads around the muscle just below the skin and makes the skin firmer and more tight causing a visible reduction and almost disappearance of the fine lines and wrinkles.

Those of you who are afraid if surgical process and feeling unsafe due to the use of syringe remember one thing Botox treatment is done with the help of specially designed micro fine needles and you will hardly feel anything and the most important fact is that you will need no hospitalization. After the treatment which generally takes less than half an hour you will have to lie for 10 minutes and then you can walk home. It is as simple as that. So do not fret try it today.

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