The Blueberry Diet for More Antioxidants and Polyphenols

If you are fond of blueberries and if you like to eat them on a regular basis, why not try them in a bowl of very hot and steaming oatmeal instead of having it with milk and cold cereal.

That could be just another way of having blueberries, but believe me, it works out truly well! You can actually get more nutrition out of them. According to some recent survey, it was found that blue berries and milk do not go well together and the antioxidants would not be absorbed by the body.

The oxidative stress in the body can be held at bay with the phenolic antioxidants that are there in the blueberries. Now, these super chemicals would not reach your bloodstream always from the mouth. You would not get all of the phenolics and mostly it is 5 per cent of them that gets absorbed.

Certain combinations of food like milk and blueberries don’t help. Blueberry polyphenols also help your brain and in a recent research where a group was made to eat milk and blueberries, lesser amount of phenolics were absorbed into the body for them than those who ate it with water.

The protein in the milk sometimes interferes with the absorption of antioxidants. So you could wait a few hours after taking blueberries and then drink your glass of milk. If you are ready for a milk-free blueberry meal, you can try out one of the recipes.

You can get those blueberry bars made of whole wheat. Or take some Blueberry sauce with turkey. Your meal could be done away with some Blueberry Syrup. Yummy, ain’t it? Always remember blueberries are the most nutritive of all fruits.

Antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries bring down your actual age by 6 years. You would look six years too young if you have the fruit on a regular basis. So taking them without milk could be fun too. Pop in a few into your mouth while you work and you could be getting the levels of antioxidants just right.

Another fruit that has the antioxidant level equal to blueberries are plums. You can have these fruits for a meal if you like to stay healthy and keep yourself looking younger every day!