The Best Way to Break into a New Pair of Shoes

Women love to buy new shoes. Some women fantasize about shoes. I love shoes as much as any women, however not all shoes treat my feet with the love and affection I would like them to. Breaking into a pair of new shoes is not easy. When you put your feet into a pair of new shoes you look at the way they adorn your feet but a very small percent of women look at how comfortable the shoes are. This leads to blisters and cuts after wearing the shoes for the first time. This does not need to be the case. There are plenty of ways to prevent blisters on your feet when you wear a pair of new shoes.

When you buy a pair of new shoes you should avoid wearing them immediately; though this is extremely tempting. The key to avoiding blisters is to wear your shoes for a few minutes daily when you are indoors. This helps to break into the shoes. The first time you wear the shoes indoors you must wear socks or use some baby powder on your feet. This protects your feet and prevents the skin from rubbing against the skin. Baby powder protects your feet from blisters.

If your feet are particularly smooth at the bottom you need to sandpaper the bottom of your shoes. This will prevent slipping and sliding when you walk. Sanding the bottom of your shoes will also prevent the embarrassing squeaking sound.

The first time you wear a pair of shoes you need to use a liner in them to protect your skin.

Stretching the shoes allows your foot to stay in them all day long without causing any friction or even causing blisters. If the material of the shoe permits you; you may use some rubbing alcohol on your shoes to prevent any friction on your feet.

If you have worn your shoes 2 to 3 times and they are still causing blisters on pain then it will continue to do so no matter how hard you try to prevent this. Getting rid of this pair of shoes will save you a lot of pain.