The Best Shoes to Wear with Cropped Pants

Cropped pants have now become a fashion statement. They are not only worn as casual outfits; these days cropped pants have made their way into formal attire as well. You can change your style from formal to casual or the other way around by changing your shoes. You can wear either open or closed shoes to change the look of your outfit. These pants also help to elongate your legs and make you look slimmer and taller.

Wedges are the perfect pair of shoes to wear if you plan on being in your shoes for a long period. These shoes are comfortable as they support the entire foot and they are easy to stand in the entire day. These shoes can be worn with denims or linen pants.

You next best bet is to wear kitten heels. This looks perfect for an evening look. However if you have a pair of wide legged pants then these heels will not suit. Choose a pair that contrasts the color of the pants or matches the blouse that you are wearing.

If you are wearing dressy cropped pants then you need to wear a pair of open toed peep toe heels. They lengthen the claves and they make the legs look longer and slimmer.

If you are wearing a pair of cropped pants to the office then you need to sport a more stylish and formal look. Sling back heels will lengthen the legs and adds flamboyance to your look.

Other styles that work well with the cropped pants look are sneakers and boots. This depends on the time of the day and the occasion that they are wearing the pants too. Sneakers will give you a very casual look and it will make you look relaxed and comfortable.

Boots may not look to trendy but many celebs have pulled off this look. Look at yourself in a full length mirror before you leave the house in this style. If you are comfortable with the way you look then you may leave the house and put your best foot forward.

For a day at the beach; flip flops are the best as they help you to get rid of the sand that sticks onto your feet.