The Best Friend Problem

best-friend You and your partner have a unique understanding. But still you feel there is something wrong which is trying to create some problems between you. The problem may lies in the best friend of your guy or probably his best friend is himself a problem. You need to tackle the situation wisely because your man’s sentiment is related with that fellow.

Here are some situations and the probable ways to solve them

Situation 1: the self invited guest: the BFF often visit you and spoil your plans. Inform him your plans subtly by giving hints. You can also tell some imaginary stories about your imaginary friend who used to spoil your dates. Or tell him that after a tiresome week you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your boyfriend only.

Situation 2: single status: is the BFF single? Probably the absence of a girl friend is pulling him closer to your boy friend. If the BFF starts insulting you in some way or the other do not hide this matter from your partner. Discuss it properly.  Trust your man. He won’t tolerate any thing against you.

Situation 3: surrogate family member: in this situation the BFF prefers your home more than his. So you are forced to treat him like family member by providing him the meals and sharing your rooms. And at the end of the day you pick up the beer bottles and clean the marks of his presence in the house. In this case you need to ask your man to meet at least twice a week outside the house for a drink.

Situation 4: the pseudo girl friend: the BFF seems more caring for your man. What you can do is tell you boy friend to turn off his mobile while spending time with you. Make clear that after giving you proper time he can indulge with his best friend.

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