The Best Fresh Flowers for Hair

Best Fresh Flowers For Hair

Best Fresh Flowers For Hair Very often, flowers are used for adorning women’s hair for different types of occasions. For example, many women are found wearing flowers on their hairs at wedding ceremonies, proms and Christmas. Fresh flowers have the capacity to transform the simple looks of a woman to attractive ones.

For example, loose curls and buns really look stunning and elegant when fresh flowers are added to them. However, not all kinds of fresh flowers can be used for enhancing the looks. This is because there are certain flowers that are not able to withstand the effects of hairsprays and heat. On the other hand, there are some flowers that do not wilt or withered quickly and thus, provide good looks throughout the day.

Before wearing any type of fresh flower, it must be ensured that it is attached properly to hairs. Though bobby pins are commonly used for attaching flowers to hairs, on some occasions, flowers may not remain tied to hairs tightly. Thus, some additional hair pins may also be used for attaching the stem of flower.

The Best Fresh Flowers for Hair

One of most suitable fresh flower that can be used for adorning a woman is Cymbidium Orchid. It is basically a large and colorful flower that can be easily attached to hairs by using bobby pin. One of biggest advantages of wearing this flower is that it can be worn with formal as well as loose hairstyles.

Since this flower comes in several colors like pink and orange, one that goes well with dress can be chosen. Petals of this flower are waxy and thick and thus, it is able to withstand heat and sprays. For special events, Cymbidium is specially recommended as it does not wilt during entire event.

Other fresh flower that looks stunning on hairs is Daisy. This flower is one of best choices for wearing at casual event, as it is a simple and colorful flower. Many women can be found wearing Daisy at friends meet. Like Cymbidium, Daisy flower also comes in different colors and thus, a woman can choose one that matches with her dress in best manner. Some colors of Daisy that are commonly worn are green, white, orange, red and pink.

There are some fresh flowers that are worn commonly at wedding ceremonies and Asiatic Lily is one of them. This flower goes well with many formal hairstyles that are made especially for wedding ceremony. This flower has six large petals that are able to draw the attention of people from a distance. Sine these petals are also waxy, it does not wilt during entire ceremony. Asiatic Lily can be worn with many types of formal dresses and this is the reason why many hair experts use this for adorning their customers.

If a woman wishes to wear a bunch of flowers for looking beautiful, wax flower is one of best options. This is because this flower grow in bunches naturally and thus, does not look awkward when worn. Wax flower is pale pink in color and can be worn with many types of formal hairstyles and dresses. Wax flower is usually worn by attaching its stem to hairs with the help of bobby pin.