The Best Brazilian Wax Jobs

There is often a question how you can get the best Brazilian wax job done. The experience and skill of the waxer is very important in such cases. There can be a vast difference between the Brazilian wax job that is torturesome and between something that is soothing and gives you a wonderful feeling after it is done.

You need to get the wax job done by a proper professional. There are as many as 15 Brazilian waxing jobs done each day by a thoroughbred professional and it is essential to find out a proper Brazilian waxer to do the job.

How can you find a Brazilian waxer?

You can get someone on a personal recommendation or you can look on the internet for someone who holds some good testimonials. Usually these people are very busy and they have to take time out for you for a waxing job.

There are times you may go in for some reputed salon but a bad wax job can leave you swollen and with infection for a long time. You should never go into a Spa and ask for a Brazilian waxing to be done on you. These waxers should not be practicing on you.

Getting Brazilian waxing done four days before or after a menstrual cycle could prove to be painful. You can take a pain reliever like ibuprofen and aspirin a little before the Brazilian wax thing to be done so that you do not feel the pain that much. You could also use some pain relieving cream about half an hour before the Brazilian waxing to be done.

You should be particular about the waxing practitioner who does the waxing for you. She should be absolutely clean and you should be at ease while she waxes you. You could ask for a towel to cover yourself in case you are feeling uncomfortable. You have to keep in mind the impeccability of it all. She should be using gentle wax and also use gloves for over-all cleanliness.

Some therapists use wax that is honey based and also with some chamomile extracts. The therapist should not do a large area of the body at a time. In fact she should first do it on a small area and see how much the person can bear it all. You might also have to pull your skin taut so that the hair are removed easily and comfortably.

The sanitation of the Spa is also important during a Brazilian wax session. You should watch out for the danger signs which include wax on the floor or on the walls, a stick that is already there in the can and a dirty room. In case of all this, you have the right to leave immediately.

After the Brazilan wax session you need to do everything that makes the skin smooth and clean. You can use Aquaphor to soothe the skin in the first day just after the waxing is done. You can also help the skin to prevent the ingrown hair. The method is called tending the skin.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should stay out of sun or the tanning bed for a couple of days after you have had the Brazilian wax done. The skin would lose some protection and become all the more sensitive to go in for any sun tanning or artificial tanning for that matter.

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