The Benefits of Regular Sex on Health

Having sex on a regular basis has a lot of positive impact on the physical and mental health. Here are listed the benefits of sex:

During sex, approximately 4 calories are burnt per minute. It is one of the most vigorous physical activities that pushes the heart to its limits and hence is equivalent to running.

When one has sex, there are a number of hormones and enzymes released from the body. These not only help the body de-stress, but also are able to bring in the “feel good” factor that generally persists after a rigorous routine of exercise.

It helps in reducing the blood pressure and is known to provide immense physical relaxation too. Sex is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise and it tends to push the body and the heart to its limits. Having sex regularly will mean that the body gets attuned to the exercise of the heart.

It must be mentioned that the heart rate almost doubles during sex. Therefore regular sex tunes the heart to beat at this speed and also strengthens it. This is how the chances of any cardiovascular diseases from occurring are minimized.

The blood is pumped vigorously to all the parts of the body and therefore the whole body gets nourished by a rich supply of oxygen. This in turn helps not only in the repair of the cells, but also helps in the creation of extra white blood cells, which help enhance the immunity of the body.

Sex is also an excellent antidote for body pain. During the act, the body releases endorphins which help decreasing the pain. This is why, heart aches or arthritis pains get subdued after having sex. There is also a surge of oxytocin or the “love hormone” that only helps in increasing the intimacy but also helps strengthen bonds.

Not many people know that having regular sex also reduces the risk of cancer. Surveys and studies have suggested that those who have multiple orgasms in a week run a lower chance of having prostate cancer. Of course with the physical relaxation, you can call sleeplessness goodbye. Sex helps you sleep better.