The Art Of Flirting Explained For Women

While you’re still single, why not take advantage of your single status and get into some healthy flirting, and maybe flirting might get you the guy you desire. Now let me warn you, flirting is an art, and if you learn it well you can easily have men swarming over you. Flirting is also good for broken hearts, as it brings in some thrill and excitement to the dull and drab situation.However, you’d better learn some of the basic flirting secrets; so that your flirting gets you the right guys and you don’t end up in some sordid situation. Too many women make some silly mistakes while flirting with men, which make them come off as sleazy, desperate or cheap women on the prowl. Follow our tips and you’ll have a great time flirting with men.

Acting timid, shy and girly was fine till you were in high school. But for now you got to act confident and take all the attention you get from men in full stride.  Men want to flirt with grown up adult women and not school going girls, so wear your confidence wherever you go and you’ll find a lot of men getting magnetically attracted towards you. Flirting is all about getting attention and acknowledging attention, and you can do that only when you feel and act confident.

Smile is the most emphatic tool in flirting, cast a man a lovely or a seductive smile and he may not only return a smile but may even approach you for a bit of a chit chat. Again your smile needs to be bold or sensual, because the sincere baby type smiles won’t send out strong signals. And as you smile, let your eyes smile too with your lips, for a double effect.

The next thing that plays a big role in flirting is your poise and posture. Doesn’t matter whether you are pretty or not, whether you’re clad in a beautiful dress or not, if you know how to carry yourself in style, men are sure to turn their heads as you walk past them. Walk boldly and with elegance and every man is sure to notice you the moment you enter into a room. Even in terms of sitting, wining and dining, act elegant and men will come to you, offering to buy you a drink.

Making eye contact and maintaining a healthy body language also helps a great deal in attracting men and flirting with them. Don’t sit in a rigid or defensive style; stay relaxed and casual so that men don’t have a problem in approaching you.

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Sidharth Thakur