The Art Of Applying Nail Polish

Decorating your nails with nail polish to beautify your hands is an art, and if you want to master this art do read this piece of text. Your nails need to be cleared of all the old nail polish before you begin painting them afresh, so put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball to remove all traces of the old nail polish.

Next you need to pay some attention to your nail cuticles, for nail cuticles are vital for nail health and proper growth of nails. To remove the cuticle, use an orange stick to push them back after softening then with some cuticle remover.

Nails can be properly shaped with the help of an emery board or a metal filer. Filing should be carried out making smooth strokes from the outer edge of the nail to the center. These days even the square nails shape with sharp corners is quite popular and that will require even less filing.

Wash off your hands with a solution of lemon juice and warm water to remove all dust, dirt and grease, so that the nail polish can spread more evenly on your nails. To your dried nails apply a base coat, preferably a colorless one. The base coat does two things for your nails, one it protects your nails and two it ensures a smoother finish for the nail polish. Apply it using smooth strokes starting from the base of your nail to the tip.

When the base coat is completely dry, pick up your nail polish bottle and shake it well before opening it. Now use the very same smooth strokes to apply a coat of nail polish and let it dry completely before topping it up with two more coats.  You can even combine different shades and get a somewhat unique and more wonderful effect. Let your nail polish dry naturally for the best results, and also don’t forget to keep on wiping out whatever nail polish gets onto your skin while applying the coats.

Applying the top coat of sealer is advisable, as the sealer prevents chipping and cracking of nail polish. If you don’t have a sealer you can even make use of any transparent nail polish instead.

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Sidharth Thakur