Art Of Applying Eye Shadow

eye shadow Not every woman is well versed with the art of applying eyeshadow, and that’s one reason why half of the women are never able to achieve the desired dramatic eyes. Here are some wonderful tips and tricks which will help you in mastering the art of using eye shadow.

•    First things, choosing the right eye shadow shade is the most important. Ideally you need to match the Eye shadow color with the color of your eyes to make your eyes look more prominent; however, sometimes using a contrasting color may also help in making your eyes to pop out.

•    The next important thing is how well you blend the eye shadow to produce the desired effect. To give a professional touch to your eye shadow, you will need to use a minimum of three different variations of the same Eye shadow shade, with the lightest one forming the base, the medium one functioning as the main color and the darkest one used on the crease as a highlighter. Since, you will be using three different shades; you need to learn how to blend all these three shades well into each other or else your eyelids will look blotchy.

•    When applying eye shadow, remember that it is meant to cover your eyelids and you mustn’t extend it onto the brow bone, because that kind of looks over dramatic.

•    We know smoky eyes look really hot and that they are the in thing, but if you’re planning for a smoky eye effect then there are two things that you must keep in mind, one that no colors is to be used above the crease on the top eyelid and secondly for the lower lash line you must stick close to the lash line.

•    Using shimmer eye shadows is only recommended for the young, because shimmer tends to highlight the lines and wrinkles in the elderly.

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Sidharth Thakur

  • Great article. We could all use a little help when it comes to applying eyeshadow. I do like the “shimmer” shadows and use them sparingly. I love vibrant colors so it’s nice to see that cosmetics are finally coming in different colors that are bold and beautiful!

    BTW: great picture…love the eyeshadow…I’m going to try and replicate the look!