The Art And Science Of Blow Drying Your Hair

The Art and Science Of Blow Drying Your Hair

The Art and Science Of Blow Drying Your Hair In today’s hectic pace of life, many do not have enough time to go through their grooming routine carefully; instead, they run through it. As, with blow drying your hair, a great blast of full power, brings large quantities of ions to burn your strands faster than they get dried.

So, a fast solution is not the best solution for good hair management. The best way to dry your hair is to let it dry naturally but we are living in a fast paced world. Hence, blow drying our hair seems very necessary to many today.  Try the following tips to protect your hair as much as possible when blow drying, since you don’t seem to have much choice if you are in a hurry.

The Art of Blow Drying

Try to pat dry your wet hair after shower before you start blow drying it. Your hair should be about one third dry before you use the hair dryer on it. Another good practice following a good wash on your hair is to use an appropriate conditioner to put back the moisture in your hair. When you want to blow dry your wet hair, do not use too high temperature, as that will easily damage your hair.

Dry your hair at a lower heat setting, if drip drying is not conducive; although that is the best and natural way to allow the hair cuticles to dry well, whereas blow drying causes tangles, and tangles need to be untangled, which leads to breakage. You can add on some mousse to your damp hair before you blow dry for getting the look you desire. Wide tooth combs are good when you blow dry straight hair for an even distribution of heat.

The Science of Blow Drying

Blow drying in cold climates is good for the hair, as wet hair freezes quickly in the cold, causing hair problems, like split ends and brittleness. Otherwise, the use of microfiber towels allow a quick dry in comparison to blow drying, as the former absorb water faster, whereas the heat from the blow dryer damages the hair through tangles.

It is like a strand of hair being lit up, it quickly shrivels and discolors. This is the same analogy when you blow dry your hair slowly. Your hair strands’ cuticles are heated away, exposing the inner cortex of hair color. Without the hair cuticles, which function to protect the inner cortex, hair moisture and protein are easily lost to the atmosphere, making the hair less elastic and dull.

Thus, your hair requires a restoration of moisturizers and proteins to maintain its shine and good health.Whether, it is used as a volume enhancer or a texture enhancer tool, the heat from the blow dryer causes thehair to fall flat, as protein is burned off from the hair follicles, making the strands lose their elasticity. One must be wise, to treat the root cause, instead of using more hair care products to treat one’s hair problem, caused by another hair care product.