The Anatomy of Love and Infatuation

Relationships are but natural to happen and as with most other things, there are layers to relationships.

When you start getting attracted to somebody and find him good fun and a pleasant company, it might be a good start to a relationship.

You like everything about him and his looks make your heart pound and his attitude is found to be the best of all that you have known. However, when you get deeper into the relationship, you find that there are many more things that are to be dealt with and they are not as much fun as you thought them to be.

This is where you try and assess the relationship and figure out how is it that the two of you are going to deal with the responsibilities of the relationship.

If you find that it becomes easy for the two of you to carry on and take up bigger challenges, then the relationship certainly has brought out the positives in you and you are able to put your best foot forward. This is the time when you know and understand that you are deep in love.

However, if you are not able to proceed without any obstructions and tension in the relationship, then there could be two outcomes. Either you fall out of a relationship or you work on it to cope with it.

In both cases, you will have found that the relationship was not based on real grounds but the pure instinctive attraction and it was more of an infatuation than love. Infatuation usually is based on premises that have not been confirmed.

If there are two people who like each other, then either they share everything about themselves, or they just show their best sides. It is the good picture that they see when they think that they can spend the rest of their lives together and they mistake the feeling of this strong attraction to be love. It is only when two people know each other well and still feel for each other in the same or a similar manner is when it is love in its entirety.

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