Testosterone is Important for Women as Well

Testosterone is the hormone produced by the testes in males and by ovaries in females. Also some amount of it is produced by the adrenal gland, in both the sexes.

In men, this hormone plays an important role in the development of male sex organs. Testosterone is also responsible for the typical male behavior that sets them apart from women, as some studies claim.

Women need it too

Testosterone is obviously considered the male hormone and it is what differentiates men from women. Even though it is found in small quantities in a women’s body, about ten times less than what is found in men, it is necessary for a woman’s health too.

Testosterone, is often termed as the ‘aggressive hormone’, and rightly so as its high concentration in the body leads to several behavioral changes like sense of dominance, heightened sexual desire, enhanced physical endurance and general well being. It also promotes growth of bones, cures mild depression and even relives from vaginal atrophy and dryness.

Libido lifter

In women, testosterone is equally responsible for perking up the sexual desire, as is in case of men. It helps them too to enjoy better sexual intercourse and experience frequent orgasms. However, it is not just related to sexual desire but it also has various other good effects on a woman’s health.

The other benefits

Testosterone has good effect on the brain, the liver and the blood vessels too. It is also cited as an enhancer of cognitive functions. Testosterone is particularly important during menopause, as it helps in reliving the symptoms and reducing the commonly faced problems.

What causes a testosterone levels to drop?

If the ovaries have been removed some drop in the testosterone levels is very likely. Also as ovaries go into dormancy with the onset of menopause, testosterone levels are bound to fall a little if not more.Aging and deficiency of zinc are some other reasons that lead to testosterones deficiency in the body.

Lastly, if you are planning to take testosterone supplements, just make sure to take advice from your doctor as high levels of it can lead to male pattern baldness, growth of facial hair, acne and deepening of the voice.

Sidharth Thakur