Temporary Straightening Of Hair


shinyhair So your curly frizzy hair is not help for the upcoming party? Are you afraid of the effects of the permanent hair straightening and do not have the bulging pocket to have such a session. So do not worry.

Hair straightening can be done quite easily and temporarily also with the help of very simple and objects of daily use available in the household. They are really less harmful and also perfect for a single occasion and your hair will return to normal structure after a single wash.


In deed for this you only need a blow dryer, straightening gel and heat protective spray. That’s it. You are ready to get your hair straightened and groomed properly for the perfect evening.

The Procedure:

Straightening cannot be done on oily hair. So make sure you shampoo your hair properly and towel dry it. Then apply the straightening balm on the damp hair from root to tip covering each hair strand and then spray the protective solution on the hair. Start combing your hair while blow drying on the low settings. This will reduce the dampness of the hair. Give special attention to the roots.

In the second phase that is the straightening phase divide the hair into 5 sections.  Now concentrating on each section properly start brushing it downward and blow dry in maximum heat. Concentrate on each section for uniform straightening. When the front side of the hair is finished then concentrate on the backside of the hair with the help of the hair brush and dry as usual.

When the straightening is done style the hair as quickly as possible because temporary straight hair may not be able to hold. After straightening always remember to shampoo in order to wash off the gel and the remnants of the spray.