Teenage Love

Teenage! The moment you hear this word, do you have that blush on your face? Wasn’t it the best time of your life? Beautiful dreams, out of reach desires and mood swings at its best!

It was the time when we always tried to prove our points and behave like an adult.  We were so eager to set our own rules and make our own decisions.

Most of the teenagers wishes the utmost freedom for themselves. Be it the way they dress, the way they behave, the way they make a choice or anything. And it becomes stronger when they fall for an opposite sex and call it Love.

These days, falling in love as a teenager has become quite a trend. This helps the teenager to attain their most desired freedom and they almost make a rebel out of themselves. Nice clothes, cute talks, hide and seek certainly give them a new life which according to them; is so much better than the regular boring life, they always led.

They start having their own space and the time which they enjoy thoroughly. Gradually this becomes a habit and they start deviating from the reality. That’s the time when all the conflicts come into picture. Their ideas and thoughts never match up with their elders, mostly parents.

This develops a huge amount of stress for both the parents and the child. Parents try hard to prove their points correct whereas the child already has his decisions in place. This only leads to bad differences between both the parties and doesn’t at all solve the problems.

It is always advisable for all the parents of the teenagers to adopt a friendly approach rather being dead strict. Talk it out with your children. Understand their emotions too. Bring yourself in his or her shoes and try to think. Explain him the pros and cons of the relationship and if you see that the relationship is healthy and not causing any harm to your child, try to give consent in a firm manner.

Keep a track of your child’s relationship. Be aware of his or her changing attitudes. Be informed about her developing habits, the new places he or she visits, people they meet, friends they have. Make sure that they are open to discuss things with you and expect a friendly advice in return. Try to be their best pal.

Always remember, teenage is a very sensitive phase that comes in everyone’s life. So, we need to deal with it effectively, not aggressively.

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