Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teen birthday party is probably the hardest to pull off since they come in so many different levels of maturity and needs to be something that gets a nod of approval from both the teen and parents, which is quite a feat on its own.

So here we are with some good ideas for your upcoming kid’s birthday party that is neither too childish nor something that only the adults would enjoy. One great idea is to celebrate it outside, like a good restaurant that your teen kid can enjoy along with their friends.

Choose a good restaurant depending on the taste and interest of your child or simply something that seems a lot of fun and book an evening for a good dinner treat for your teen and their friends where they can have some classy time for themselves.

If your girl happens to be one of the early teenage girls who is still in love with anything pink, go for a pink themed birthday party. This might make some of the guys cringe, but if it happens to be an all-girls birthday party, you can definitely go ahead with this idea and make everything pink starting from balloons and confetti to cakes and invitation.

You can also go for pink color themed games. A pirate themed costume party is best for guys who’d love to dress up as fellow pirates and enjoy the party with everything pirate themed. You can come up with a bunch of dishes that have a very Mediterranean feel to it and invitations written in parchment paper.

This is  a perfect theme to include interesting games like the ‘Treasure Hunt’ or ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to make the most of the theme. Another fun theme that is perfect for a kid and yet not very childish is the fantasy theme.

It can be anything, either the Disney theme or something related to Lord of the Rings, which might seem geeky but who wouldn’t love to dress as one of those little elves or wizards? You can also go for a Harry Potter theme, including a lot of Harry Potter related games and cook up some creative dishes and give them names that are very Harry Potter world-like.