Teen Problems

parentstalking The teenage is the period in human life when we reach puberty. It is a confusing time with hormones flowing faster and with increased secretion. Our body and mind changes or modifies towards a new start.

This time of reaching puberty is a period of disorientation and disconnection towards our values as a human being to our capacities to succeed in life as a whole. This is that time when teens are in maximum need of a proper parental guidance. So parents should be there when their teenagers need them to guide them appropriately.

Here we have some tips and methods which can guide towards a better understanding of teens.

If parents are looking towards a good involvement in relationship with their adolescent they should keep some basics in mind.

Teenagers are always full of energy mental and physical, trying hard to cope with their surging hormonal rush.

Hence, always try to connect to them by doing what they enjoy and make it a family involvement. This step is very necessary towards the teen to feel confidence in the parents, and open up with a feeling of friendship.

Being strict is required at times. Getting the right kind of college education demands a lot of effort, time, and cautious planning both by the parents as well the students. But it rewards by providing the proper knowledge and skill-set the teenager can utilize the whole life to come.

Going out alone with the teenager is pretty helpful. As a lot of times the teenager, no matter how confident, tough, and confident they are may look lonely and sad.  It’s for the parents to find out by some private encounters.

As discussed earlier, college education is a must. However, obsession to get the best college and best education for the child creates a huge irrational stress on their minds as well as that of their parents. What matters most is the willingness to succeed which is present in any bright and intelligent student irrespective of the college they are from.

It is the achievements in the real world that matters the most. It has been noticed a lot of times that a college graduate ending up in a career which is at complete irrelevance to what subjects they studied.

In today’s time teenagers are mostly busy in school followed by after-school sports, getting hardly any time to study, eat, or watch the television. Again the parents are also completely involved in high work pressure, then household chores, to have some quality time at home.

There remains hardly any time for teaching good and bad choices, values, and work-ethics. This is a fault of our social structure, and lifestyle, where money has become primary along with status, which parents have to maintain by working and saving with no time to spend with family. This results in the ever-growing frustrations, suffering, crimes, drugs, and untimely sex.

As the natural ways to sit and communicate with the teens about their issues is not available, the best possible ways we are left with is to allow natural consequences. If a teen has wronged, even after warnings, they should face the consequences without the parents trying to shield them. In this way they would start learning from the mistakes.