Teen Age Hair Care

As a kid grows into a teenager a number of physiological and mental changes take place. The body is in the phase of transformation as the kid is growing into an adult through the stage called teen age.

A lot of hormonal changes take place and just like the skin the hair may also become oilier or drier. Teenagers may face hair fall or hair loss which may also be due to certain medical conditions.

To maintain a good body along with glowing skin and healthy hair the bottom line for any age is to have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Teenagers often love to indulge in junk foods and also resort to crash dieting and unhealthy food habits. This directly affects the skin and hair and therefore the teenagers land up looking more pale and sick.

The first thing about hair care during teen age is washing properly and trimming whenever required. But one shouldn’t do excessive washing as that too harms the hair. Sometimes teenagers may lose hair or have unhealthy hair due to dandruff or severe dry scalp.

One can go for proper medications which not only take care of dry scalp and dandruff but also help the hair to grow back. Teenage is the time for fun, excitement and also experimenting with looks, fashion and hairstyles. Teenagers use chemicals to dye hair and also certain equipments to straighten, curl, perm or dry the hair.

It’s alright to style the hair but overdoing anything may damage hair completely. Therefore it’s best to use natural methods while the artificial methods can be used occasionally for hair styling. Using mild or baby shampoos are better options which keep the hair soft and well nourished. One can also consult hair experts to find out the right kind of hair care suitable for one’s hair type and scalp.

Brushing the hair regularly at bed time maintains blood circulation under the scalp and also helps to keep the hair free from knots and tangles which are the prime reasons for hair break. Stick to a good single brand of shampoo that is suitable for the hair type.

Covering the hair while outdoors, drinking milk regularly, warm oil massage of the scalp and avoiding extreme hot or cold water to wash hair are certain ways to have healthy, beautiful hair during teenage.