Techniques to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

The unnecessary hair on the body can be a source of embarrassment and inconvenience too. There are many ways to tackle with such hair.

The most popular and well known of these methods is shaving. There is a proper process adopted in shaving which requires a moisturizer based shave gel to be used and once the lather is immense on the legs

, shave it using a razor upwards. Immediately after the shave, apply a moisturizer.

The first and well known of these ways is bleaching. After bleaching it becomes very difficult to see any excess body hair. This method is best for small hair that grows on the body.

Waxing is the third method where the hair removal wax is applied on the body part with excess hair and then the tape is applied. This tape when pulled after the wax has been absorbed by the hair makes it easy for it to come off.

Then there is the process of sugaring which is an ancient method of hair removal and it is similar to waxing. The process involves applying warm (not hot) sugar to the skin and it is then removed using a muslin cloth.

This procedure requires tremendous skills for removal as sugar is not as easy to remove as wax. Hence though this is the most convenient method for removal of hair, yet it is not very popular.

The use of depilatory creams has also become convenient and easy. The creams today are easy to apply and use and they help in the effective removal of hair just under the skin.

But owing to the chemical nature of these creams, they should be tested on the fore arm first to see how the skin would react to them and then they should be applied elsewhere. It is advised that the body part being shaved be moistened first by a warm wet cloth.

Using the epilator, electrolysis and laser hair removal are also some of the other methods.

A home remedy requires lemon juice and chamomile tea to be mixed together and the mixture can be used for bleaching.

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