Teaching Writing to your Child

Home is the first place where your child is introduced to the first alphabets of his language. It is the responsibility of every parent to teach his/her child to read and write.

In the first step of learning you have taught your child to recognize the letters and now he can easily identify any letter that you show him. Now it’s turn to help him write the letters. In the beginning you might feel difficult to start, your kid may throw tantrums and disobey you but at the end of the day everything will go fine.

Firstly, start with shapes and lines and ask your child to draw all the perpendicular lines. Encourage your child to draw shapes which use straight lines like rectangles, squares and triangles. Lines should always be drawn from top to bottom or left to right.

Horizontal lines should start at left and vertical lines should start from top. Sometimes the kid uses his own short cut method, so these are the basic things which you must teach him before he starts writing the alphabets.

Now when your kid has learnt to draw vertical and horizontal lines the next step is to bring a handwriting copy from the market. Generally a typical handwriting paper has solid lines at the top and bottom, in the middle there is a dotted line and a space before the next lines.

Write a letter on a paper and ask your kid to trace. You can also the write the letters in dot patterns and ask your kid to join the dots. Sit beside you child and guide their hands if they need any help.

At last, keep in mind that your kid should practice handwriting regularly in order to gain confidence. But the initial lessons should be short and enjoyable, not more than 10 minutes.

If your child gets tired and writing becomes monotonous for him after practicing for a long period of time, give him a break for some days. Again start after a few days then he will enjoy writing again.

Always remember a child cannot be taught anything forcefully. So be patient and wait for him until he is willing to learn.