Tattoos and Allergies: Causes and Prevention

This is not very well known but tattoos just do not add to the style but also can add to the allergies on your as well. It has been recognized that there are forms of allergies that have been caused because of tattoos.

The tattoo allergies are mostly caused by the red and the green ink of the tattoos. It has been observed that the major cause of allergies have occurred because of these two colors and the reason for that is that the dyes of these colors constitute metals like mercury, nickel, cadmium and cobalt, all of which are known to have caused allergies.

Few of the most common forms of allergies due to tattoos are swelling, itching and the redness of the skin. There can also be bumps on the skin and considerable irritation as well.

There are times that tattoo allergies take time to show; there have been instances when it took up to 1 year for the allergy to show. Many a times the allergies from the first tattoo are sparked because of a second as the two of them together cause more exposure than a single tattoo.

One of the ways to reduce the chances and the prevention of tattoo allergies is by clearly following the method of cleansing as instructed by the tattoo artist.You can include Vitamin E in your diet because it helps wounds to heal quickly.

You can consume it by having it internally or applying it on the skin on the affected areas. It will certainly help the tattoo heal faster and also reduces any chances of allergies.

Also, you can also use aloe vera. It is a natural cooling gel and when it is applied on the skin, it helps revive the skin and lets it get toned as well. It helps stimulate the blood flow and softens the skin. The botanical components of aloe vera not only help tattoo wounds heal quickly but also will help prevent skin allergies.

There are antioxidants called flavonoids which help reduce inflammation and also help boost the immune system. This has a direct impact on tattoo wounds which will no longer have allergic effects.