Tattoo Care For a Carefree Wear

A tattoo is an intriguing artistic embellishment to beautify God’s art further! A tattoo becomes an expression of self, a badge of your personality.

It demands special attention though! If not taken care of properly, the same artistic opus on your skin can become its worst enemy turning into a breeding ground for infection. Consider the following tattoo care guidelines for enjoying a safe bodily beautification.

Keeping the bandages on:

The tattoo artist after finishing his work applies bandages onto the tattoo for all the right reasons! A fresh tattoo after all is a decorative wound, a ‘wound’. An open wound needs protection from air-born bacteria. So even if you feel the urge to show off your new tattoo to your friends, don’t succumb to the temptation. Let the bandages remain for at least 2 hours.

Some tattoo artists might envelop the tattoo with a ‘saran wrap’ or any other plastic wrap. Avoid this, as plastic is not recommended in the slightest for your new tattoo.

After removing the tattoo, it would be advisable to wash it with lukewarm water and preferably a mild liquid antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. This will assist in gently washing away any ointment, blood, plasma or both. After washing, dab or pat the area with a clean towel.

A paper towel can be a better substitute to ensure softness of touch. Finally, apply a moisturizing lotion onto the tattoo surface to keep it soft and supple. Do this for two to three weeks for normal healing.

Coming to tattoo healing: A tattoo may heal in a variety of ways. The most common and reassuring way is of course peeling off. But results vary for people depending upon the way the tattoo artist has worked the skin and even the type of skin. Chances are that the skin may not peel rather scab.

In this case you must consult your tattoo artist for aftercare procedure. A tattoo may also heal differently at different spots. Generally, tattoo shops provide a guarantee against skin damage provided that you follow their instruction on how to take care of a tattoo.

However, if the aftercare instructions are overlooked or followed in a lax fashion, the guarantee is void.If you’ve done your homework and have located a tattoo artist who’s good at his trade, make sure he’s equally particular about the safety and precaution aspect as well!