Tanorexia And How You Can Get Out Of Salon Tanning Hazards

tanning addiction

tanning addiction We all know tanning has the risks of getting cancer and getting wrinkles associated with it. In spite of the fact some thirty million people all over the world visit the tanning salons all through the year. Many of the them are literally addicted to the phenomenon.

Like anorexia which is not a laughable matter in any way now, the term tanorexic is also something to be dreaded. The most common age in women who are affected by cancer due to the tanning effect is between twenty four and twenty nine. These ‘tan extremists’, is we may call them chase the sun baked look throughout the year.

The students are much into this and while I read about this on the internet I read about a woman in college, saying, she never picked up the sunblock cream after quite late. She was all in for baby oil and she was all for the fried and crispy look from the salons. You could call that almost psychotic as they go about projecting the bronzed look and so it was found that you could be tanorexic too. It was 100 per cent addictive.

The frequent tanning that young ladies are keen on happens due to addiction. It is similar to drug addiction, says sources. The ultra violet light that makes up the UVB rays and the UVA rays are not good for the skin. These are found in the tanning beds and the sunlight. This produces a chemical called the endorphins which go into the brain, thus creating a feeling of euphoria. The frequent tanners get some withdrawal symptoms like the shakes, the dizziness, nausea.

This addiction is similarly stringy like that of smokers who can’t be got rid of their addiction with the help of a gum. With the arrival of winter at least seventy per cent of women who are between the age of 17-49 years go for their tanning sessions at the salons.They just cannot get the kick from self tanners. The tanning salons are much more dangerous than having this done outdoors. Tanning lamps give out the UVA which is four times more dangerous than the sun. You are surely in the dread of getting melanoma which is skin cancer.

The tanorexics or the addicts are always living in the fear of fading. It is strange that tan-addicted women say they feel sexier when they are tanned. They have really lost count of what their original skin tone might have been. Some often shift to self tanners after developing a basal cell carcinoma which is also a form of cancer. Like the anonymous 12 step programs for all kinds of addicts there should be some 12 step program for the tanorexics.

It is strange why these people must have a different tan color to the skin. If they cannot get the salon tan or the outdoor tan, they would run for a spray tan appointment anyway. So there is no point to make the tanorexic understand the results or the consequences just like it is useless to speak to an alcoholic to give up the bottle. A self realization and a twelve step program is the only light of hope in such a condition.