Tame your Curls Naturally

Curls in your hair are beautiful and extremely stunning however there are times when you get out of bed and look dreadful. These are days when you want to scream because you hate your look and you want to get rid of those curls. Before you do anything that you may regret later you must look at ways to tame your tresses.

On days when your hair look unruly and stubborn and you can’t control it you have the option of using s flat iron and straightening your hair. At these times you don’t have to panic; simply change your look and get ready to receive a bunch of compliments.

Start by getting out of bed and jumping into a hot shower. Wash your hair with a rich shampoo and apply a generous amount of conditioner on your hair. Spend a few minutes pampering your hair and caring for it. Massage your scalp too; this is a simple way to tame your tresses.

After you wash your hair well you need to get rid of the excess water from your hair. Squeeze it and wrap a towel around it to get rid of the excess water from your hair. When your hair is partially dry run your comb through your hair and comb out the excess water. Don’t use a hair dryer on your hair as it will add frizz to your hair; you need to avoid this at all costs.

Now, you need to divide your hair into 3 sections; top, middle and bottom. These sections will need to be parted and clipped separately. This will help to hold them in place and avoid the hair getting entangled with the other sections. Work with each section individually. When you are dealing with the top section you will need to further divide it into 3 to 4 sections. Use a flat iron on these small sections so that the hair is straightened evenly. Use a straightening gel on your hair if it is too frizzy and you do not attain the desired results.

When you have completed all the sections of your hair and you are happy with the results you need to squeeze a few drops on hair serum on your palms and distribute it evenly on your hair. This will add a natural shine and gloss to your hair.